Writing matters!

Writing is the foundation to conduct your qualitative research. You should write down your thoughts consistently to make them organized, precise and clear. Writing can be informal or unpolished, because it itself is a sense making and claims-making process – which help you understand your topic, research situation and questions (Knight, 2002).







Tips to become an efficient writer:

  1. Always ask: “why are you doing this (and not that)? What puzzles do you want to solve in this research?”
  2. State clearly the ideas (concepts or theories) that can be used to make sense of your research
  3. List out claims you want to make in your research
  4. Take notes of what you did and the reasons of doing so
  5. Seek comments on your drafts
  6. Reflect on your own influence (e.g. biases) to the research findings
  7. Make a “to do” list to keep track of your progress
  8. Make a “things to avoid” list
  9. Keep a writing schedule
  10. Write down sentences, draft paragraphs, headings or themes that could be used in your presentation