Check List for Interview

  1. An interview guide: a list of topical questions to ask so that you will not get lost in topics.
  2. Recording device: You should have at least a smartphone, unless you also want to videotape the interview (with interviewees’ permission). Test the quality of the voice recording beforehand, and keep the recordings safe and confidential.
  3. Paper for notetaking: Bring a note pad to jot some keynotes or summarize the key ideas and themes after the interview.
  4. Consent form: Ask your interviewees to sign the form, and remember to promise confidentiality and anonymity.  
  5. Information sheet: The sheet should include the basic information about the research, purpose and background, the duration of the interview and how the collected information will be treated afterwards.
  6. Privacy and safety: Make sure the environment is good enough for your interviewee to talk without distraction.


 Know More

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