Online Materials

  • Nowadays people tend to communicate online, through the use of words, symbols (emoji and created terms) and images. It is also helpful to study these materials in a criterial manner.
  • Although the combination of words and images appears to be more complicated, the principle is similar to textual analysis: to look for the meanings and its implications.
  • Contextualization is a must as the use of words and images online could be different to the common, daily use of communications (e.g. think about the “creative” use of terminologies in Golden Forum/ LIHK Forum)
  • Make good use of the “key word search” function, certain websites and online forums have the “key word search” function that could be of great use for your selection of text
  • Download the online material to prevent data lost due to sudden update or change in online contents. This could be done by print screening your web browser.
  • If you are studying online materials from discussion forums, make sure that you keep the users’ name anonymous


 Know More

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